Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bentley Update

It has been a sad day in the Lenz household. Last night we went to the vet to get Bentley all checked out. After the tests were taken our doctor walked in and told us some sad news. Bentley has heart worms and hookworms. Hookworms is an easy process to take care of, unfortunately the heart worms are not. The process is intense and will take some recovery time and the price is not cheap. After going back and forth and many hours of crying and giving Bentley lots of hugs and kisses we came to the decision that Chris and I can not financially provide for the little guy. Its not just the money though, cause if it were then we would figure out some way. But during the recovery period he would have to stay as calm as possible. If you put Adrienne and Bentley together though they run around and play till they pass out, which is something that Bentley shouldn't do during that time. So after lots of research we have picked a rescue team that works specifically with yorkies and small dogs in the Houston area. The lady in charge was extremely nice and has already found someone to care for him and they will pay for all the medical needs that Bentley requires. So tonight they will be picking him and I have to say that this is going to be terribly difficult for us since we have already become so attached to the little guy. I am going to be an emotional wreck. Luckily though they are going to keep me updated and after he gets better we might be able to adopt him. So hopefully there will be a happy ending after all.


Scott and Amanda Ekeland said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Bentley... We had 2 puppies dumped at my parents' lake house last weekend and I wanted to keep them so bad, but like you we are just not able to add to our family with all of the vet bills... Mom still has them and we are trying to find a rescue to take them. I hope you will get to keep him after all!!

Lindsey said...

Hang in there Danielle. Sounds like you guys did everything you could. And, God has is own way of working things out. Miss and love you.



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