Monday, September 21, 2009

It's a waiting game!

What a weekend!!! Friday night started off great. Chris and I started and finished the laundry, cleaned the house and even worked on our chalkboard project. The framed chalkboard was a great success, thanks Mer! As for the rest of the weekend, it was pretty much wasted. Chris went and helped Jenn & Corey move on Saturday while I waited for the furniture to be delivered from 9am to 1pm, the time slot they gave me. The time came and went. Three phone calls later and they arrived at 5pm! Seriously, I had a whole afternoon planned of running errands and getting other stuff done around the house. Luckily after they FINALLY left, my sister and I were able to run to the stores before they all closed and get the items I had planned to during the day. But as far as doing the other stuff it didn't get done. That's ok, I thought, I will be able to check things off my list tomorrow. Plus it was worth the wait because the furniture looks great!!!

Sunday I had scheduled to have the carpets and couches cleaned. Again 9am was the time slot. At 8am I get a phone call from the guy telling me that it would be closer to 10am due to a late night project they had. Sure I thought, no problem. 10:30 rolls around and I get another phone call, "ma'am we can't seem to locate the truck keys and our other two trucks are down. At this point I am getting a little frustrated. I am starting to think that this "late night project" was one that involved alot of drinking and hungover state and the dumb*#s lost his keys or just wanted to sleep in or watch the games. "Ok well what time should I expect you then?" "Ma'am I am not sure but will call as soon as I locate the keys." At 1pm I have Chris call. Same darn story of still not being able to locate the keys. At this point dude you lost my business. I spent the rest of the afternoon getting quotes from other people and too my dismay everyone seemed to be booked for the week or closed at 5pm. This wasn't working for me. Finally, I was able to book at guy for today at 4:30pm so to make up for the work time I was in the office at 6:50 this morning. After the schedule was booked, and the Texans game was over (AMAZING game by the way) Chris and I ran to Home Depot to get more items checked off our list. 6:30 comes and I get a phone call while we are still in Home Depot. "Mrs. Lenz I don't think we will be able to make it today, I just got done changing the transmission." "Oh really?! I responded. "Don't worry you already lost my business and I have decided to go with someone else more responsible and professional." Click. Completely confirmed my instincts of him lying. Just for your future info ladies never ever use Union Carpet Cleaning.

So the weekend came and went and not much was accomplished but the new furniture is perfect. I am so looking forward to this week and the upcoming party on Saturday! We have alot of friends and family coming and I am so excited to see everyone. I hope that everyone had a much better weekend than we did and I hope you have a wonderful Monday! xoxo

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