Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Your Houston Weather Forecast

Rain, rain and more rain!
This is most likely what you are seeing out your car window today in Houston!

As much as I love a good shower, especially when it is watering my yard, I could probably do without it today. However, if I was at home enjoying the comfort of my couch, it would be perfect!

Today I want to wish a very happy birthday to my sweet Mimi! She has been one of my greatest role models in my life and without her I don't know what I would do! I love you!!! May your day be bright and cheerful and your year full of love and joy!

Tonight we are off to an early birthday dinner at RA for another September baby. Happy early 25th birthday Megan!!! It's a big year for you so soak it up and enjoy every second of it! Love ya!

I hope that you all stay dry and be careful as you head home from work!

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