Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New addition to the Lenz Family...Meet Bentley!!!

Bentley (our new name for him) is a yorkie mix we believe. He was found yesterday drenched in a construction site north of I45. No collar was found and no one searching for him. When I heard of his findings from a sweet friend at work and talked it over with the hubby, we just had to take this little guy in. He is not that much bigger than Adrienne, our other precious yorkie, and he is so loving and charismatic. When I first got him yesterday afternoon the poor thing was tired, sad and scared all in one. Once I got him in the car he took a seat on the passengers side and slept the whole way home.

When we got home we were greeted by Adrienne who was hesitant at first at the sight of her mommy holding another puppy but soon was just more curious as to whom this other little guy was. First things first, the baby boy needed a well deserved bath. So off I went to draw some water and not thrilled with the water and being in a new place he got his bath and was then wrapped up in a warm towel where he crashed for a little bit longer. One thing we always do with Adrienne after her bath is blow dry her hair and she loves it. She just lays there and then rolls over and enjoys the heat. Well little Bentley loved it too! He sat there as I brushed and blow dried his hair and was so cooperative. When Chris got home Bentley greeted him at the door excited to see who this new man was. Its sad though cause it makes me think that there might be some owners out there missing their little baby. He has now become my shadow and loves to play with Adrienne.

His vet appointment is today at 6pm to make sure all is well and determine his age and the possibility of a chip claiming his owner. I don't think that he has been spayed yet so this is something else that must be done soon. I am not used to having a boy dog and they seem to really love marking their territory, something I am not all too pleased with but he will soon learn the wrongs and rights in our house. Other than that he is an amazing little guy. He loves to play, whines when he doesn't see me and has only barked once but not in a mean way. He eats his food and loves to curl up on the couch or sprawl out on the cool tile floor.

Adrienne is adjusting to this new boy in the house and is being a really good sport. We are making sure that she gets the same amount of attention as she did before but now has to learn that she needs to share it. Last night they both lounge on the couch not too far from each other. In due time I think that they will be the best of buds.

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Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

He looks like a full bred Yorkie -- poor baby! Luckily you are there to take care of him and hopefully find it's owner!


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