Wednesday, September 16, 2009

better use a coaster

The weather is so nice out today so me and my coworker Elaine are going to be eating outdoors at Empire Cafe for lunch! They have some of the best food there and if you haven't been you have to go for breakfast sometime. It may look intimidating when you see the line going out the door but it is so worth the wait! I am so excited to get out of the office and enjoy the weather for once. I feel fall coming!

This week is going to be a busy one. Tonight Jenn and I are hitting the stores for a little shopping including adding to our scarves collection and getting ready for our Scarf Swap. It's been a long time since we last got to hang out so its a much needed get together. Then on Friday I am going to one of my best friends new house. As of yesterday Jenn & Corey are proud new homeowners!!! Congrats guys! And the best part is that it's a straight shot to their new house so we won't be that far away! I see lots of visits in the near future!

On other exciting news, we are getting some of our new living room furniture delivered on Saturday! During the Labor Day weekend Chris and I had bought some great furniture to add to the new house. We got an entertainment center, 2 end tables and a coffee table! Finally no more glass and fingerprints! Woohoo! But now I am going to be even more strict on the coaster rule (oh I better add more coasters to the list, lol). The house is finally coming together and really feeling like a home. The to-do list before the party is still growing but lots is being checked off the list. My goal for the weekend is getting 3/4 of it completed, leaving only grocery shopping and a few final touches to be left for the big day! I am hoping that it will all go smoothly and I so look forward to seeing so many of our friends and family.

So I have to make a confession. Since joining the blogging world and loving it more and more these days, I seldom get onto Facebook anymore, except to see a select few photos and to post my blogs as a status. I used to be on it 24/7 but that is no longer the case. I just do not have the connection I once did. Blogging has been so much fun and meeting new people on here has been so much more rewarding. Has anyone else been going through these same feelings?

Well I am counting down the minutes till lunch and need to finally get back to work. I hope everyone is having a great Hump Day!


Jenny said...

I feel that way about FB. Because I blog, I find myself checking FB just to see what everybody else is doing. I guess you could call it FB stalking! :)

Jenn said...

I was just thinking about the same confession, lately I have been thinking about my blog often and always excited to check it! So your not alone... Can't wait for tonight!

Corey & Jennifer Watts said...

You need to come back..the house looks much better with the painting done and stuff in it! ha


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